The fleece that wicks


The fleece that wicks

LOFT is a range of performance fleece taken to the next level. In a market where performance has been defined only by stretch and warmth, LOFT brings enhanced comfort to fleece with the addition of moisture management. Thermal regulation provided by the efficient transportation of sweat gives LOFT fleece peak performance with less weight and through a broader range of activity.

Our research shows that the wicking performance of layering pieces is just as important for comfort as the base layer. In fact, LOFT enhances the release of moisture by the first layer moving sweat and vapor through to the fleece surface where the moisture evaporates. This wicking through layers creates a system for maximum comfort. LOFT, GEO and drirelease can be combined as layers for the ultimate layering system.

warmth with LESS weight

Helps regulate skin temperature

Dries fast. Comfort that lasts

Premium quality

Superior Comfort

Durable performance