Comfort all year around


Comfort all year around

GEO uses the body’s energy to enhance comfort all day, every day. These hydrophilic active particles have thermal conductivity 3000% greater than that of polyester polymer. GEO is added during the dyeing of filament polyester fabrics or yarns, being infused with the fiber structure to provide permanent performance for the life of the garment.

Moisture management (wicking and fast drying) is inherent to GEO as the active hydrophilic particles effectively transport moisture through the fabric. Its highly conductive nature provides energy to drive the moisture out by using the skin’s heat to make sweat evaporate faster. GEO is a unique and adaptable technology that provides thermoregulation through efficient heat management and moisture transfer in the fabric, enhancing comfort and performance.

4 seasons comfort

Helps regulate skin temperature

Dries fast. Comfort that lasts

Premium quality

Superior Comfort

Durable performance