Comfort all year around

Geo 365

Comfort all year around

DRICOMFORT® GEO 365 is a permanent wicking and fast-drying technology developed with embedded minerals that enhance comfort and performance all year around. These inherently hydrophilic (water absorbing) and conductive (able to carry out) mineral and ceramic particles pull moisture and heat from the skin and use the body’s heat to make sweat evaporate at a faster rate, enhancing the evaporative cooling of the fabrics.

Fabrics infused with DRICOMFORT® GEO 365 technology are appropriate for all four seasons providing moisture management and thermal regulation in winter base layers or summer finishing shirts, keeping you comfortable 365 days.

DRICOMFORT® GEO 365 can be infused with filament polyester and nylon fibers – regular, recycled, and biodegradable, during the dyeing process, without impacting on hand feel of the fabric (knit or woven) or the ability to be recycled or biodegradability. 

DRICOMFORT® GEO 365 is not a chemical finish or topical coating that washes out. The infused mineral particles are part of the fiber structure, extending the use and life of the garment with a permanent performance.

4 seasons comfort