DESIGN LAB where the future happens


If a brand has not found the solution they have been looking for, can consider us as an extension of their innovation team. Our Design LAB is where the future happens, from developing new technologies, new textiles, new supply chains or pulling from our huge library of more than 3000 tested fabrics.

As a company, we’re built on a foundation of scientific inquiry, research and innovation in textiles. Always at the front, we are a valuable resource to brands and fabric mills for up-to-date advancements in trends, technologies, materials designs, product developments, performance tests and supply chain partners ensuring the production, quality and availability of our comfort solutions.

Over the past two decades, we have built a global network of licensed yarn spinners, diverse fabric mills and versatile apparel factories to who we’re proud to have introduced many clients. Whether lending support to quickly get your vendors up and running with our technologies, or helping you source the best fabric or supplier, our team offers unparalleled technical know-how through the entire process to make the future happen, together.