Arborwear started as arborists — folks that take care of trees. Back then, there were two types of pants for tree work: canvas work pants or rock climbing pants. Canvas pants were too stiff, never fit very well and restricted our movement. Rock climbing pants allowed free movement, but sure didn’t hold up well to tree work, not to mention they cost an arm and a leg.

Arborwear’s solution was to marry the two and make a comfortable canvas work pant that you could actually move in. A pant that fit well, held up on the job, and cost less than a case of bar oil. After many prototypes and on-the-job testing, they finally made some things they liked. Truth is, they found other folks liked them too — not just arborists. The features that made their clothes great for tree work were the same for many other demanding work environments and lifestyles. 

Making honest, hardworking clothing remains their passion. Because they believe in helping people work safely, comfortably, and confidently, we continue to pay careful attention to detail including fit, fabric, and function. Their clothes are still field-tested and improved with feedback from their hardworking customers. 

1 – How would you describe the ARBORWEAR brand?

Arborwear makes honest, hardworking clothing for honest, hard workers. We outfit green industry professionals with appropriate uniform solutions and protective workwear to ensure safety, enhance brands, enable comfort, and endure all work and weather conditions. Our customers trust us for quality apparel that fits great, feels comfortable and lasts a long time. 

2 – What led you to choose GEO 365 as a solution for the ARBORWEAR product/collection? 

Arborwear chose to marry the GEO 365 technology with our Transpiration performance tops to help regulate body temperature and thus reducing the chance for our customers to overheat. Maintaining comfort in warm work conditions ensures our customers stay safe on the job.

3 – What are the benefits customers can expect from the technology behind those products?

The benefit our customers love in our Transpiration GEO 365 products is the tried and true comfort gained from the moisture wicking and cooling effect of the fabric. They can trust the products will keep them cool, dry and safe in warm working conditions.