Bodywear trend alert

It’s fascinating to see the evolution of bodywear within the fashion industry, driven by factors such as sustainability, inclusivity, and the need for comfortable yet functional clothing. Brands are indeed exploring new opportunities by merging fashion and sportswear to cater to the growing demand for versatile clothing options. The introduction of innovative solutions like DRICOMFORT® GEO 365, with its focus on sustainability and enhanced comfort through mineral-based, permanent wicking and fast drying solution for filament fabrics, seems to align well with the current market trends. Offering a range of garments from leggings to swimwear infused with DRICOMFORT® GEO can certainly appeal to consumers looking for both performance and comfort in their clothing choices. We selected a few certified fabrics with this innovative and sustainable technology to inspire you create your next bodywear collection. Enhance comfort with DRICOMFORT® GEO 365!