Mobile Cooling by Fieldsheer

Since 1978 Fieldsheer has redefined what clothing can do. Carrying the torch of their heritage of innovation is what drives them to ride further, work harder, brave the elements, and do more with what we wear. In order to keep delivering innovation, they recently launched the MOBILE COOLING line with high-tech apparel to keep people cool and protected in any environment.

DRICOMFORT GEO 365 was selected to be their wicking and fast-drying technology because is permanent, derived from nature, and thermal-regulating. Certified by OEKO-TEX Eco Passport, DRICOMFORT GEO 365 is a mineral-based technology that is hydrophilic and highly conductive providing thermo-regulation through efficient heat management and moisture transfer in the fabric, enhancing comfort and performance all year around.

“When it comes to staying cool in hot working conditions, you need technology you can trust to get the job done. Fieldsheer’s cooling clothing for men uses the latest cooling tech to regulate your body temperature during hot weather or strenuous activity.” The MOBILE COOLING line is designed for even the warmest climates, whether you spend the summer enjoying long hikes or working at a hot construction site. “Don’t let the heat keep you indoors!”