Orly White, owner and designer of Nickers, grew up on a little horse farm in New Hampshire. After moving to Wyoming in her teens and working on ranches, cooking for backcountry horseback trips and being asked by her guests (and wondering herself) “What do I wear so that my legs don’t get chafed while I’m riding?” she decided that it was time to get to the bottom of the question. 

Inspired by this need and guided by her Granny’s advice to wear silk long underwear under her jeans when she was riding so her legs wouldn’t get irritated, she decided to start her own business:  Nickers, the legging designed as a base layer for riders and made to bring functionality and performance to all leggings lovers. 

And that’s how she met GEO 365 technology!

1) How would you describe the brand? 

Nickers is a function and performance focused, solution-oriented company that values 100% customer satisfaction, quality over quantity, and support of small-batch domestic manufacturing and businesses.

2) How would you describe your customer?

Every woman…and even some men!  Nickers were designed as a base-layer for lady horseback riders and made for people who love leggings and share the values that Nickers represents. 

3)  What attributes where you looking for or what factors led you to determine that dricomfort GEO 365 was the solution that your customers were looking for?

My number one priority was dynamic thermal regulation combined with the lightest weight non-transparent fabric.  From the fabric samples we tested GEO 365 was the crystal-clear choice.  

4)  How has the feedback been on the Nickers leggings?

From equestrians to motorcycle riders, whitewater rafting guides, yogis, adventure racers and new mothers, Nickers has a high repeat customer rate – which speaks more than words!